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Hafman helps people and organizations become the best form of themselves.

Hafman has seen expediential growth during tech waves. We offer specialized recruitment services in the

Over 10,000 individuals across Ottawa count on Hafman. Our recruitment services encourage you to enlist representatives who are remarkably high-performing and remarkably dedicated. We likewise endeavor to ensure you’re continually moving ahead by giving you access to functional aides and the right recruitment strategies. Hafman has been working for over a decade in the recruitment industry. We began by concentrating on the conduct assessment part. Today, we’re the world head in recruitment services that ensure guaranteed results with ideal hiring strategies. Our customers assess a huge number of individuals consistently. We’ve democratized access to our answers for permit any business – regardless of what size – to enroll the individuals they have to build.

Hafman’s way of life depends on a common vision (permitting everybody – people and organizations – to turn into the best form of themselves), and on augmented individual freedom and obligation. Every individual is urged to create themselves in their job and consistently step up to the plate.

Why Us?

We don’t carry out recruitment based on CVs, rather our major emphasis is on the ideal hiring strategies that work in real-time. At Hafman, we couldn’t care less about what you did before going along with us or which school you went to. What means us is the sort of person you are or more all who you need to turn into.

  • Individuals selected with Hafman perform 20% preferable on normal over those hired by traditional techniques.
  • Diminish your staff turnover considerably, by picking individuals whose inspirations are relevant for your business.
  • Set aside to 45% of time. Furnished with the correct data, you can accelerate your decision making and stay away from bad hires.
  • Hafman is an answer that permits you to develop your business in a loose (or ultra-forceful) way, by enrolling the ideal individuals. We ensure that you’ll never have to regret about any kind of bad hires while you count on Hafman recruitment services in Ottawa.

With Hafman, you’ll know who your applicants truly are, past their CV. When they’ve finished their Hafman profile, you’ll discover what they can do, what truly propels them, just as the manner in which they carry on. Want to hire the ideal candidates for your organization? Give us a call today, and we’ll assist you with our top-notch recruitment services in Ottawa.

About Us

Hafman provides comprehensive staffing services for Information Technology industry. Whether you are an employer looking for a qualified candidate or a candidate looking for a career change, we can help.

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